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Small group classes run by 99.9+ ATAR students, currently offering Year 11 and 12 Methods and Specialist

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Why reinvent the wheel?

Hi! 👋

We're a trio of high-achieving students who help our students achieve their goals through intuitive explanations, hard work, and personal mentorship.

We've noticed that there are 3 categories of tutoring in the WACE market:

  1. 👨‍💻 Private 1-1 tuition, with great individual support but no structure
  2. 🙋 Small group classes, but run by older academics with no hands-on WACE experience and limited resources
  3. 🏫 Structured classes run by high achievers, but with huge class sizes and no personalised help

Drawing from our own experience with tuition, we wanted to combine the best parts of all these options: structured classes with a carefully planned and written curriculum, small groups with extensive support, and tutors with hands-on teaching experience and proven performance.

We offer you the best parts

High achievers with 99.90 & 99.95 ATARs, with teaching experience, academic excellence, and participation in state and national Olympiad programs. We have thousands of hours of experience collectively and extensive knowledge of the curriculum
About your tutors
Access to exam papers used by WA's top schools, as well as custom compilations which collate exam questions together
24/7 individual helpline with fast response times
We keep classes to < 7 students, which facilitates discussion and open communication. We offer convenient times and are accessible no matter where you are
Why online
Custom-made study plans, homework, and revision weeks to maximise learning retention
To prepare students for differentiator questions, we've hand-crafted a range of extension questions inspired by exams of other states and university courses

We cater for you, no matter your goals

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Our Pricing

1 SUBJECT: $45/class
1× 90 minute lesson per week
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2 SUBJECTS: $37.5/class
2× 90 minute lessons per week
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We offer a free trial of Methods and Specialist classes with no strings attached and no payment needed. Lessons are paid for in semester instalments, with 2024 Semester 1 classes scheduled to start 2 weeks before school starts (week starting on 15th January).

Sign up for the trial! Spots are highly limited.

Currently accepting Year 11 and 12 enrolments!

You get:

  • Weekly 90min online classes, run by one of our expert tutors
  • 24/7 support and mentorship from our tutors, who students and parents can contact at any time
  • Custom-made workbooks tailored to provide the best teaching experience, in PDF form which you can take home and print. Worked solutions are also available on our website.
  • Our resource bank, of past tests and exam papers from WA's top schools

Why online?

We all endured online learning through COVID lockdowns, so we know how ineffective Zoom can be: poor student engagement, difficulty paying attention, and a distinct lack of personal connection.

However, your tutors are experienced with online tuition and have invested into making the experience as interactive and engaging as possible. We offer:

  • 🖊️ A collaborative whiteboard (Miro) which students can write on (if they have a tablet) or type on in real time
  • 💬 Small classes to facilitate open discussion
  • 📷 A strict cameras-on policy
  • 💡 Frequent student engagement, where we encourage students to try questions and answer questions

But don't take our word for it. If you're still unsure, we offer a free trial with no commitment, lock-in, or upfront payment. Best case scenario, you find passionate educators who will support you or your child in their high school journey. Worst case scenario, you still get a free lesson, organised and taught by some of the highest performers in the state 😄

By students, for students

Meet your tutors for 2024

Oliver Cheng

hale logo
ATAR 99.95 | TEA 420
Dux of Hale School
School Prefect
Captain of Debating
university of melbourne logo
Uni of Melbourne
BSc Mathematics
Doctor of Medicine
Australia Science Innovations logo
National Chemistry Olympiad Top 18
Specialist: 100%
Literature: 100% (2nd in WA)
Medicine offers (all unbonded):
  • UWA
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney
  • Flinders University
  • University of Melbourne

Hi, I'm Ollie. Throughout school, I've had the privilege of being taught by some of the brightest educators in Australia, not only in class but also through extracurricular programs like WA Maths Olympiad training sessions and National Chemistry Summer School. One driving force behind my own eagerness to learn has been the enthusiasm of these mentors along the way. They're all infectiously passionate about sharing their knowledge with their students.

I try to follow in their footsteps and make it a priority to share my knowledge with others. In my role as a School Prefect at Hale, I started a Year 7/8 Programming Club, taught at after-school Maths Enrichment, and also ran free holiday Chemistry lectures to interested students, where I covered university-level content including the quantum model, organic mechanisms, and hybridisation. I've also been privately tutoring for 4 years now, with experience teaching all kinds of students.

Even in the cutthroat, competitive environment of WACE, I believe that you have to genuinely be interested in your subjects to excel. That's why I make sure to make the conceptual understanding fun, encouraging students to build a solid foundation before moving on to exam-style questions. And with extensive experience with Olympiad and university-level maths, I can challenge even the brightest students as well.

Sithum Somarathna

perth modern logo
ATAR 99.90
Perth Modern School
Sphinx Society
Principal's Award
university of western australia logo
UWA Lawrence Scholar
BEng Robotics
BSc Computer Science
Australia Mathematics Trust logo
National Olympiads
Aus. Maths Olympiad
AMOC Senior Contest
Chemistry: Top 0.5% in WACE

Hey! I’m Sithum.

I graduated from Perth Modern School in 2021 with an ATAR of 99.90. During my time there, I’ve been part of the school’s mathematics, robotics and tennis teams and participated in various state and national mathematics Olympiads such as the AMOC Senior Contest and Australian Mathematics Olympiad. I also co-managed and coached in the school’s table tennis club. Now I study Engineering and Computer Science at UWA with a Lawrence Scholarship and am a committee member of the UWA Maths Union.

Whether it be tutoring or just giving general advice, sharing my knowledge and experiences with others is something I very much enjoy.

I like to think of learning as a ladder. Each rung represents understanding of a different concept, increasing in difficulty as you go higher until you reach mastery at the top. However, just a single missing rung, no matter where along the ladder, will stop you from reaching the top.

From my 400+ hours of tutoring and my own time in high school, one could say I’m quite the ladder expert. I know how to spot the missing rungs in each student and help them build the full ladder to the top.

Joshua Then

kingsway christian college logo
ATAR 99.95
Head Boy
Dux of Kingsway Christian College
university of western australia logo
UWA Lawrence Scholar
BEng Robotics
BCom Management
Australia Science Innovations logo
National Physics
Summer School
Specialist: 100%
Engineering Studies: 1st in WA

Hey there! I’m Josh.

I'm a Lawrence Scholar at the University of Western Australia, studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce. I went to Kingsway Christian College and graduated with a perfect 99.95 ATAR, after achieving highschool DUX for the six consecutive years I was in highschool.

Achieving academic success in a school that is far from the higher-ranked schools in WA required a significant amount of time and effort. Having done trial-and-error on a variety study methods and resources out there, I was able to fine tune techniques and problem-solving skills that enabled high academic achievement. These achievements included being selected to attend the National Physics Summer School - a selection of the top 30 physics students who participated in Australia's Physics Olympiad, and achieving a perfect score in the Specialist and Engineering ATAR subjects.

Beyond the conventional academic awards, my experience balancing co-curricular activities (such as playing in music bands with global audiences and being elected as the school's Head Boy) with study, allows me to give students the skills they need to take in all that highschool and student life has to offer - whilst still attaining success in their studies.